Reduce the cost per hoist of your crane

Exercising precision and high performance in operations, we provide wire ropes constructed with materials of proven quality, having an excellent cost-benefit ratio due to its durability.


What’s an Air Bag?

The air bags avoid the damage in valuable goods that are transported by sea, rail and road.


Special Sockets

It can be open, closed, wedge, pee-wee and fast conector.

Indústria de construção

Construction industry

Manufacturing and marketing

Construction companies, shipping and heavy construction industries.

Indústria de construção

Heavy industry

Manufacturing and marketing

Steel, chemical and extraction industries.

Indústria de construção

Offshore industry

Manufacturing and marketing

Extraction of oil and gas, shipyards and naval bases.

Indústria de construção

Port industry

Manufacturing and marketing

Handling containers and lifting loads on docks.

Indústria de construção

Shipping industry

Manufacturing and marketing

Maritime transport, unloading and loading of ships.

Indústria de construção

Mining industry

Manufacturing and marketing

Handling of iron ore, rocks, coal, phosphate and concentrates.

Certification ISO 9001

High level of quality in products, services and activities

Meeting customer expectations by providing products that seek continuous improvement of their processes in the Quality Management System.

Fuertes Industry offers a complete line of products and solutions for cargo lifting and lashing for different industrial segments. Using latest generation modern equipment, in addition to standardized production processes, we maintain strict quality control both in distribution and in the manufacture of equipment.

The company has an ISO 9001 certificate issued by BR-TUV and constantly measures and controls all stages of the administrative and production processes, in addition to evaluating and monitoring customer satisfaction.

Fuertes - WIRE ROPES

Cargo lifting and lashing equipment

Fuertes Ind operates in the distribution and sale of equipment for lifting, handling and securing cargo throughout the national territory, with a focus on safety, performance and your needs.

Distribution and commercialization

 Feature products

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